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Roof Outlets

One of the most important elements of any waterproofing system is the outlet. After all, this is where the water ends up. The correct outlet choice is dictated by the roof type, or by outlet location. At Moy Materials, we offer three different… More Product Details
Roof Outlets Roof Outlets

Roof Pro Plant Support Systems

As building technology has developed, demand for additional comforts, such as roof-mounted air-conditioning units, has increased. These days, flat roofs must support ever-increasing amounts of heavy plant machinery. In the past, this meant penetrating… More Product Details
Roof Pro Plant Support Systems Roof Pro Plant Support Systems

Rubberclad EPDM

Façade Waterproofing System Water-permeable finishes, such as Architectural Curtain Walling, Stone Cladding, and Porous Clay Tiles, are becoming popular features in façade design. Thankfully, Rubberclad EPDM is the ideal waterproofing barrier.… More Product Details
Rubberclad EPDM Rubberclad EPDM

Tefond Drainage Systems

Tefond Drain Plus An incredibly versatile material, Tefond Drain Plus is a high density polyethylene sheet, studded with rounded 8mm dimples. These dimples create a pathway by which excess water quickly trickles away into drains. Tefond Drain… More Product Details
Tefond Drainage Systems Tefond Drainage Systems

Tegola Canadese Copper Shingle

Tegola Copper and Zinc Shingle Looking for an unusual finish? Both copper and zinc are stunning, but they can be prohibitively expensive. Now, with Tegola Shingles, you can achieve the beauty of genuine copper or zinc at a fraction of the cost.… More Product Details
Tegola Canadese Copper Shingle Tegola Canadese Copper Shingle

Thermal Insulation

Moy Materials Ltd is a trusted supplier of thermal insulation to the roofing and construction industry. With our extensive experience in thermal insulation, we can provide solutions for even the most complex roof configurations. We can provide… More Product Details
Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation

Regupol Impact sound insulation

Regupol K225 is recoginised as being one of the leading impact sound inulation products around. The mixture of cork and rubber provide the levels of resiliance required to meet the most stringent of conditions .Our 3mm and 6mm K225 will meet… More Product Details
Regupol Impact sound insulation