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RIAI Expo 2016

Moy Materials Ltd. are delighted to have exhibited at the 2016 RIAI on Friday 26th and Saturday 26th November 2016.

The Expo Event hosts the Annual Conference of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland and allows the construction supply industry to showcase products and technology.

Over the two day period we received close to 1250 visitors, many of whom are repeat specifiers of our waterproofing systems, some of whom we are meeting for the first time, as new practices emerge.

The RIAI Expo event gives us a great opportunity to meet the key players within our market and we relish the opportunity to explore the changes which have happened in the last year and to look forward to the challenges and opportunities which are presented in the year ahead.

The most recent impact of the Building Control Amendment Regulations was of course a hot topic for conversation. Many of our visitors were more than surprised to discover how we have improved our practices so dramatically during 2016, so as to deliver, targeted, considered and project specific delivery of our professional service.

Working with the building designers from the very outset of a project, we can ensure a seamless delivery of service from specification writing stage, through to on site supervision, Ancillary Certification and handover to client. Throughout the year ahead, we will continuously improve upon this delivery of service, a service level which places Moy Materials at the forefront of the roof waterproofing industry.

Moy Materials Ltd. have always been to the forefront in the development of roof waterproofing technology and this year has been no exception.

In 2016 Moy Materials Ltd. received FM Global Insurance approval for a new roof assembly featuring wind uplift resistance values applicable to the most remote locations of the British Isles and the tallest of buildings. This new Moy Materials FM Global system features “Paraflex” membranes, which are SBS polymer modified bitumen membranes applied over a water resistant and fully torchable bitumen faced PIR insulation board.

This newly approved system further expands the Moy Materials suite of FM Global approved roof assemblies, ensuring the provision of a wide range of roofs which meet the most rigorous of testing standards.

Furthering our offering of innovative products, Moy Materials Ltd. have also introduce the “Diasafe” non-penetrating fall arrest system which may be installed on Green Roofs, Ballasted Roofs or other Inverted Roofs. For the first time a fully engineered fall arrest system which mobilises the mass of the green roof finishes to provide the inertia to firmly hold the fall arrest system in position.

The Diasafe system is fully compliant with Eurocodes for fall arrest safety systems. The design philosophy is that of reducing the number of penetrations through the waterproofing mantle to a minimum, thereby, we greatly reduce the risk of leaks occurring.

As 2016 closes, we are looking ahead to the further development of our range of products and services. Throughout 2017 we will be introducing new ranges of synthetic waterproofing membrane and further enhancing our range of green roof systems.

We hope that in 2017, you will take a moment to call on us at RIAI Expo 2017, where will be exhibiting and presenting our technology in CPD Network approved workshops during the event.

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