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Waterstones, Glasgow

Waterstones, Glasgow

Waterstones, Glasgow

Project Brief

Moy Materials (Northern) recently supplied and monitored the installation of c.1000m2 of our Imper Paralon and Imper Eurogum High Performance Felt Membranes at Waterstones, Argyll Street, Glasgow carried out by Roof Linings & Cladding. 


The Task:
Refurbish the existing roof comprising EPDM membrane, Styrofoam XPS boards and paving slabs, and eliminate the long standing problem of ponding water. 

The Solution:
Strip the existing system to the concrete deck, cleaning and priming before installing new Eurogum 3mm VCL, 100mm Paratherm PIR torch-receivable Insulation Boards and a 2 layer felt system comprising 3mm Eurogum and Paralon ARD/S membranes.  New central valley gutters formed to feed water to internal outlets.    

Building Surveyor:

DTZ, Glasgow

Roofing Contractor:

Roof Linings & Cladding


Paralon ARD/S Cap Sheet; Eurogum 3mm Base Layer and VCL; 100mm PIR Insulation Boards. 

Roof Area:


Start and End Dates:

October 2012 – February 2013



Glasgow, Scotland


Main Contractor
DTZ, Glasgow

Roofing Contractor
Roof Linings & Cladding