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Inpatient Accommodation , Cork University Hospital

Inpatient Accommodation , Cork University Hospital

Inpatient Accommodation , Cork University Hospital

Project Brief

Moy Materials Ltd are delighted to have completed the recent Inpatient Accommodation Building at Cork University Hospital. This has been a landmark project for our Company as it involved a lot of planning and co-ordination at design stage with both Architectural firms. Our high performance Paralon Insulation and Waterproofing System was selected and we had a lot of co-ordination with our approved installer NCA Roofing with the offsite and onsite application. Our team worked closely with the Architects at the design and specification stage, Brian Conroy with Moloney O’Beirne Architects in Dublin and Tom O’Farrell with Pascall and Watson Architects in Limerick. We put forward the Paralon Insulation and Waterproofing System with Paratorch Tapered Insulation to achieve a 1:80 fall. This assisted with up stand heights as the insulation thickness varied between 30mm and 240mm


Our Impertine Primer and Parabase Vapour Barrier was delivered to Roankabin Modular Building Systems Headquarters in Milltown, Co Kildare. As the modular buildings were assembled, NCA Roofing installed the Parabase Vapour Barrier.

 When the Buildings were completed, they were then delivered to site and assembled. The units were joined together and another layer of Parabase Vapour Barrier was installed where the units were joined.

 When these works were completed the entire structure was erected and sealed immediately and was ready for internal works to commence. The Parataper Thermal Insulation 1:60 falls was then installed as the substrate was completely flat with the roof draiing to two gutters at the sides of the buiding.



When the Parataper Tapered Insulation was installed in all areas works commenced on the installation of the Paralon ARD/HS Cap Sheet. The Paralon ARD/HS Cap Sheet is a Prefabricated membrane self-protected by pre-established and controlled granulometric size, slate flakes, with the exception of an 8 cm-wide strip (seam) that is treated with Termotene, as is the underside. PARALON ARD/HS Plus is produced by co-extrusion of the Paralloy compound – a selected molecular weight metallocenic resin dispersed in bitumen and a continuous polyester thread, non-woven textile reinforcing. PARALON ARD/HS Plus has been awarded the ICITE Technical Suitability Certification in addition to agrement and certificates issued by UEAtc and other international organisations: CSTB (France), BBA (United Kingdom), UBAtc (Belgium), IAB (Ireland), BDA – KOMO (Netherlands), BRANZ (New Zealand), JIS (Japan), EMI (Hungary), ATM (Moldavia), INCERC (Rumania), ZUS (Czech Republic).


The Paralon ARD/HS Plus Installed using a propane gas torch ensureing the flame extends across the entire face of the roll before moving the roll ahead. In the following photos the applicator takes great care ensuring the roll is lined correctly with the appropriate amount of heat applied. Along the side lap of the Paralon ARD/HS Plus there is an extrusion of bitumen flowing out from under the membrane indicating a highly satisfoatory bonding of the memrbane.



Our Arecco Aluminium Edge Trims were powder coated to the selected RAL Colour and installed at the Parapet Upstands at the courtyards and waterproofed with the Paralon ARD/HS Plus providing an Asthetically Pleasing and Integral Waterproofing Detail.


Our Ital Profili Soil Vent Pipe Collars were installed providing the correct and integral waterproofing detail between the Top S Base Sheet and Paralon ARD/HS Plus Cap Sheet



When the roof area was completed and all follow on trads were completed we carried out an electronic integrity test on the roof area. The roof is completely sealed and watertight and the moisture readings showed zero in all sample areas that were tested. These areas included the field area of the roof, the parapet capping, the up stands at the rooflights and the gutter areas.



We were happy to issue our 20 year Materials and Workmanship Warranty for the project and we look forward to working with all parties in the future at delivering high perofrmance insulaiton and waterproofing systems.






Cork Unversity Hospital


Main Contractor
Roankabin Modular Building Systems

Roofing Contractor
NCA Roofing